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This document is a contractual agreement between Doves In Flight Co. (the Company/we/us) and the party or parties listed above (you), for the purpose of understanding certain responsibilities assumed by you and what limitations may apply.


Decorating Orders

We will be coming to set up and pick up your event items. You will be charged for any extra items used on your job, should they be necessary. You are responsible for all items to be in the same condition as received. Inform caterers or event hall servers of the items that need to be saved for return to us, i.e. skirt clips used for attaching tulle and lights to the tables or items set aside in a back room. You are responsible for all of our items to be in the main room of the event for us to pick up. It may be advisable to have the DJ make an announcement regarding all items, so your guests know they are not to be taken home. It is your responsibility to locate and return anything that is found to be missing. There will be a replacement charge for missing items, amounts to be determined by us.


Chair Covers and Linens being set up and picked up by the Company

You need to call us if the event is ending prior to the pick-up time scheduled. Failure to do so will result in a $150.00 service charge. You agree that our count of linens, chair covers or sashes after your event is over is to be considered as final; they will be taken back to the company and counted the following day. This allows us to get an accurate count. You agree to pay for all missing items, charges to be determined by the Company. Wax removal fees are $15.00 per table runner. Wax fees for linens and overlays will be determined by the Company.

Final counts are due 30 days before your event date. Final payments must be received by us no later than 3 weeks prior to your event date. If chair cover, sash or linen counts are decreased by more than 20% from the original order, you will be charged for 80% of the original order. You agree to pay for all items used at the event site.




*We will collect a security deposit of no less than $200.00 for all orders.



Additional Terms & Conditions

Your date will be reserved by paying a deposit of 50% of your estimated order at the time of placing the order, unless otherwise arranged.

Security deposits are collected for assurance that all rented items will be returned to us in the condition they left or were delivered. Damage, loss or theft of items will result in forfeiture of up to the full amount of the deposit. You hereby agree to pay for replacement of lost or damaged items if valued in excess of deposit, at our discretion. Replacement cost may not always involve actual price of goods replaced, but may include cost of locating and manufacturing customized items, shipping, minimum orders and other costs associated with replacement. Deposit refunds will be mailed back within 30 days of your event, after all items have been counted and checked. A damage waiver will be added to each order to protect you from damage attributed to normal, responsible use of rented items (e.g. stains). This damage waiver is non-refundable.

You agree: (1) To not loan, sublet or use our items at any location other than that agreed to with us, without signed permission from us. (2) To assume all responsibilities for injuries to persons or damages to property and agree to hold us harmless for any and all claims, of any nature, arising out of the use of the rental items while in your custody. (3) To reimburse Doves In Flight Co. for all attorney fees, court costs and all expenses incurred in the enforcement of this contract as allowed under the laws of the State of Michigan. (4) To limit our responsibility to refund of reservation payments if reserved items are stolen, damaged by natural or man-made disasters, or in the event of death or sickness of the Company’s owner(s) prior to your event. (5) To a fee of $75.00 for each check returned unpaid by your bank. (6) That unsigned orders, or orders which have not been prepaid, will not be honored. (7) That items which have been reserved for your event cannot be cancelled. (8)  That we reserve the right to substitute similar products if we are unable to find enough of an item to complete your order. (9) That there are no cancellation refunds for any reason.



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